The 2018 WORDSWORTH SUMMER CONFERENCE PROGRAMME will be posted here as soon as it is available. For our lecture roster, please see our  front page 'The Summer Conference'. See below for programmes from 2016 and 2017. 


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Keynote Lectures are in Red

Monday 8 August

1800    Reception
1900    Dinner
2045    Reception at the Wordsworth Museum and Gallery, & visit to Dove Cottage by Candlelight 

Tuesday 9 August

0715    Early Morning Walk

0915    Heather Glen (Cambridge) ~ Re-imagining Place: James Clarke's A Survey of the Lakes

1100    Tom Clucas (Justus Liebig University) ~ ‘A discipline whereof the rule is passion’: Wordsworth’s Thanksgiving Ode (1816)

1145    Jonatan Gonzalez (Rioja) ~ Wordsworth and Goya

1245    Walks

1715    Amelia Lean (Oxford) ~ Dorothy Wordsworth’s Commonplace Book.

1800    Catherine Engh (CUNY) ~ A nature ‘more allied to human life’: Dorothy’s conversation with William in the Journals

2030    Richard Marggraf Turley (Aberystwyth) ~ Objects of Suspicion: Romantic Surveillance and John Keats’s ode ‘To Autumn’

Wednesday 10 August

0715    Early Morning Walk

0915    John Williams (Greenwich) ~ The Riddle of Peter Bell

1100    Kazumi Kanatsu (Doshisha) ~ An Ecological Reading of The Excursion,

1145    Alexander Abichou (Durham) ~Elliptical Being in The Prelude, The Excursion and ‘Michael’
1245    Walks and Excursions
2030    Richard Gravil (The Foundation) ~ Beat

Thursday 11 Agust

0715    Early Morning Walk
0915    Denise Gigante (Stanford) ~ Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be, Unless You Lend Your Books to S. T. C. 
1100    Rosetta Marantz Cohen and Samuel Scheer (Smith College) ~ Wordsworth’s Influence on Dewey’s Educational Progressivism
1145    Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt (Shepherd University) ~ Political Subversion and Gothic Romance
1245    A-Walk, B-Walk and Excursion
2030    Shuta Kiba (Tokyo) ~A gentle shock of mild surprise: Wordsworthian Habit Reconsidered
2115    Anastasia Stelse (Southern Mississippi) ~ Dashes, Punctuation, and Tense in D Wordsworth’s Later Journals

Friday 12 August – first sedentary day

0700    Earlier Morning Walk
0915    Greg Leadbetter (Birmingham City University) ~ Wordsworth’s Idleness
1100    Ling Fong, Cheryl Wong (University of Leicester) ~ Wordsworth’s critique of war in ‘The Discharged Soldier’
1145    Daniel Norman (Durham) ~ Coleridge, The Fall of Robespierre, and the trial of William Frend
1230    Lunch interval
1300    A picturesque tour of the Rydal Hall grounds
1500    Eliza Borkowska (SWPS, Warszawa) ~ Wordsworth’s Prelude and His Life after ‘Life’
1545    Christy Edwall (New College Oxford)  ~ Wordsworth, Elegy, and Linnaean Taxonomy
1630    Tea interval
1715    Philip H. Lindholm (Université de Lausanne) ~ Synaesthesia and Intersense Analogy in Wordsworth’s Poetry
1800    Norbert Lennartz (University of Vechta) ~ The Stones of Grasmere: Wordsworth and his Stony Poetics
2030    An auction of books to support bursary funds for future awards, with wine on the house

Saturday 13 August: Arrivals and Departures

0730    Breakfast and Part 1 checkout

0830    All-day Walk: Helvellyn by the Dodds

????     All-day Excursion:  Long Meg Stone Circle; Hartside Fell; Alston – a Pennine Market Town; Whitley Castle Roman Fort

1730    Welcome for Part 2 participants

1800    Reception at Rydal Mount

1900    Dinner

2030    An Evening walk to Rydal Water lakeshore with optional visit to the Badger Bar

Sunday 14 August 

0700    Earlier Morning Walk

0915    Alan Bewell (Toronto) ~ Wordsworth and the Historical Ecology of the Lake District

1100    Will Bowers (Oxford) ~ The ‘musical charm’ of Vallombrosa

1145    Daniel Robinson (Widener) ~ Mary Robinson and Questions of Quality

1245    A literary ramble under Loughrigg

1500    Saeko Yoshikawa (Kobe City UFS) ~ Tourism and Tradition—‘The Wishing Gate’ and Other Poems

1545    Bruce Graver (Providence) ~ Wordsworth’s Horatian ‘Source’

1630    Wordsworth Conference Foundation AGM (Members and Friends)

1730    Dominic Hale (Edinburgh) ~ Frank O’Hara’s Romanticism

1815    Hee Eun (Helen) Lee (University of Washington) ~ The Wordsworthian Legacy in Elizabeth Barrett Browning

2030    Oliver Clarkson (Oxford) ~ Wordsworth: Love Poet?

2200    Wordsworth Conference Foundation ~ Trustees Meeting: part 2

Monday 15 August

0715    Early Morning Walk
915    Tim Fulford  (Leicester De Montfort) ~ The Anxiety of Political Influence: Ebenezer Elliott and Wordsworth’s Radical Revival
Brandon Chao-Chi Yen (Queens’ College, Cambridge) ~ Wordsworth in Ireland, 1829
1145    Helen-Frances Pilkington (Birkbeck) ~ Space, Time, Railways and Wordsworth in the 1830s
1245    A- Walk and Excursion
1715    Amelia Worsley (Amherst College) ~ Towards a theory of Wordsworth’s ‘Public’
1800    Kaz Oishi (Tokyo University) ~Romanticism, Exoticism, and the Language of the Ghostly 
2030    Mark Sandy (Durham) ~  A Strange Half-Absence’: Wordsworth’s Ghostly Poetics

Tuesday 16 August

0715    Early Morning Walk

0915    Masashi Suzuki (Kyoto) ~ War and the Origin of Painting in Felicia Dorothea Hemans

1100    Heidi Thomson (Victoria University of Wellington) ~ The Mad Monk in the Morning Post: Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Christabel

1145    Shuet Yin Sharon Tai (Durham) ~ Coleridge’s Metaphysical Theology: ‘Hymn before Sun-rise in the Vale of Chamouni’

1245    A-Walk and Excursion

1300    Exursion

2030    Pia Martin (University of Wuppertal) ~ Charles Farley’s Aladdin, or, The Wonderful Lamp

2115    Kimiyo Ogawa (Sophia University) ~ John Thelwall’s “spots of time” in The Daughter of Adoption

Wednesday 17 August

0715    Early Morning Walk
0915    Nora Crook (Anglia Ruskin) ~ Shelley’s Lost Books
1100    Heather B. Stone (Brasenose, Oxford) ~ Anna Barbauld: poetry and affiliation in the 1790s
1145    Elsa Hammond (Bristol) ~ ‘A perpetual Nitrous Oxyde’: Coleridge and Romantic breathing
1245    AA Walk – Great Gable [participants must have done a qualifying A-walk]
1300    Excursion – Piel Castle and Cartmel Priory
2030    Peter Dale (Musicologist) ~ Lyrical Ballads and Ballad Lyrics

Thursday 18 August

0815    Breakfast


Part 1: 3–8 August 2015

Keynote Lectures are in Red

Monday 3 August

1600 Tea [1600 – 1700]
1630 Wordsworth Conference Foundation –Trustees’ Meeting
1800 Reception (on the Rydal Hall Terrace if fine)
1900 Dinner
2045 Reception at the Wordsworth Museum and Gallery & Dove Cottage by Candlelight

Tuesday 4 August

0715 Early Morning Walk
0915 Simon Bainbridge (Lancaster University): Wordsworth, War, and Waterloo
1100 Paul Cheshire – John Cowper Powys and Wordsworth’s ‘cerebral mystical passion for young women’
1145 Dan Eltringham (Birkbeck) – Enclosure, Scarcity and Sustainability in Wordsworth’s Cumbria
1245 Fell Walks and Local Walks
1715 Bruce Graver (Providence) – Neoclassical Wordsworth
1800 Charity Ketz (UC at Berkeley) – Duration and Suspense in Wordsworth’s ‘Books’
2030 Sarah Wootton (Durham University): Afterlives of the Byronic Hero in Nineteenth-Century Fiction and on Film

Wednesday 5 August

0715 Early Morning Walk
0915 Philip Shaw (Leicester University): Wordsworth, Waterloo and Sacrifice
1100 Stacey McDowell (St John’s, Cambridge) – Reading Together Apart
1145 Kimiyo Ogawa (Sophia University) – ‘Roaming fancy’: Gothic Force and imagination in Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Keats’s ‘Isabella’
1245 A Walk –The Tilberthwaite Fells
1300 Excursion – Furness Abbey
2030 Sonia Hofkosh (Tufts): Double Touch: The Poetics of Drawing in STC’s Notebooks

Thursday 6 August

0715 Early Morning Walk
0915 Lucy Newlyn (St Edmund Hall, Oxford): The Poetics of Hospitality
1100 James Castell (Cardiff) – Ontology and politics in ‘Frost at Midnight’
1145 Tim Fulford (De Montfort) – Patrons and Stewards: Wordsworth’s Coleorton Inscriptions and the Politics of Landscape
1245 A Walk – Pavey Ark and the Langdale Pikes
1300 Excursion – a private tour of Naworth Castle with Lady Susan Howard
2030 Kaz Oishi (Tokyo University): Coleridge and Philanthropy in the 1810s: Lay Sermons Revisited

Friday 7 August – first sedentary day

0700 Earlier Morning Walk
0915 Andrew Bennett (Bristol University): ‘Here, ‘tis here / Here’: Wordsworth in the Here and Now
1100 Anna Camilleri (Christ Church, Oxford) – Lyrical Epic and Epical Lyric: The Prelude and Don Juan
1145 Elsa Hammond (Bristol) ¬– Coleridge’s ‘baby pangs’
1230 Lunch interval
1300 A picturesque tour of Rydal (‘Nab Well’, the woodland sculptures, the chestnut tree, the grotto and lower fall, and the formal garden, Dora’s Field)
1500 Judyta Frodyma (St Catherine’s College, Oxford) – Transatlantic Wildness: Considerations of ‘Westward’ in Wordsworth and Thoreau
1545 Tim Sommer (Heidelberg) – American Transcendentalism and Wordsworth’s Transnational Uses
1630 Tea interval
1715 Jolene Mathieson (Hamburg) – William Wordsworth, Cognitive Ecology and the Performance of Nature
1600 Julia S. Carlson (Cincinnati) – Tangible Print and Wordsworthian Tact
2030 A Poetry Reading by Lucy Newlyn
2100 An auction of books for Bursary Funds (you are invited to bring good quality unwanted items for this purpose)

Saturday 8 August: Arrivals and Departures

0730 Breakfast and Part 1 checkout
0830 All-day Walk: The Coledale Round
0830 All-day Excursion: Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford

Part 2: 8–13 August 2015

1800 A very brief briefing in the ‘Drawing Room’ for New Arrivals
1815 A reception and book launch at Rydal Mount
1930 Dinner
2100 Nicholas Roe (St Andrews): Mr Keats

Sunday 9 August

0700 Earlier Morning Walk
0915 Tom Owens (Churchill College, Cambridge): Wordsworth’s Orbicular Poetics
1100 Saeko Yoshikawa (Kobe City University) – Wordsworth and the Wars – Patriotism and Preservation
1145 Anna Fleming (Leeds) – Wordsworth’s Creative Ecotone: Navigating Community Boundaries and Tension in the Vagrant Poems
1245 A Perambulation of Rydal by the Lake Path and the Coffin Path
1500 Janine Utell (Widener) – ‘I did my work like a man’: Leslie Stephen, Mountaineering, and Masculinity
1545 Pamela Buck (Sacred Heart) – Prints, Panoramas, and Picturesque Travel in Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journal of a Tour on the Continent
1630 Wordsworth Conference Foundation AGM (Members and Friends)
1730 Paper 19 – John Hartley (Open University) – ‘Romance Mania’ and John Stagg’s Minstrel of the North
1815 Rachel Nisbet (Lausanne) – Wordsworth’s Poetic Mediation of Nature’s Still Small Voices
1900 Dinner
2030 John Bugg (Fordham University): Cobbett’s Country Peace

Monday 10 August

0715 Early Morning Walk
0915 Susan Wolfson (Princeton University): What’s in a Name?
1100 Oliver Clarkson (University College, Oxford) – Wordsworth and What Can’t be Said
1145 Kate Pfeffer (Trinity College, Cambridge) – Lyrical Babble
1245 A Walk – Helm Crag
1330 Excursion – The Jerwood Centre : hosted by Jeff Cowton, Curator
1715 Heather Stone (Brasenose, Oxford) – Coleridge and Lamb: reading round the margins
1800 Natsuko Hirakura (Waseda) – The Other Wollstonecraft Girl: Fanny Imlay in the Works of Mary Shelley
2030 Julia Tejblum (Harvard) – Wordsworth and the Relief of Central Switzerland
2115 Matthew Ward (St Andrews) – Wordsworth and Glee

Tuesday 11 August

0715 Early Morning Walk
0915 Anthony Harding (Saskatchewan): Dissent and the National Narrative: Williams, Hays, Thelwall
1100 Brandon Chao-Chi Yen (Queens’ College, Cambridge) – The Political Iconography of Cottages in The Excursion
1145 Alexandra Paterson (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) – ‘I never could trace…’: Geology and Poetic Process in Charlotte Smith’s ‘Beachy Head’
1245 A Walk – Red Screes
1300 Excursion – Wordsworth House, Cockermouth & Castlerigg Stone Circle
2030 Hiroki Iwamoto (Waseda) – Endymion and Keats’s Aesthetic of Passivity
2115 Paul Whickman (Derby) – Poet as Sage, Sage as Poet: Aesthetics and Epistemology in Shelley’s ‘Mont Blanc’ and ‘Hymn to Intellectual Beauty’

Wednesday 12 August

0715 Early Morning Walk
0915 Richard Lansdown (James Cook University): A Marginal Interest? Byron and the Fine Arts
1100 Jessica Fay (Bristol) – Wordsworth’s Creation of Taste
1145 Tom Clucas (Justus-Liebig University) – ‘There is an Eminence’: The Poet as Parley-Hill
1245 A Walk – Blencathra by Hall’s Fell Edge
1300 C Excursion – Levens Hall
2030 A Reading Party on the shore of Rydal Water (weather permitting)

Thursday 13 August

0815 Breakfast
0945 Departures