The 2016 Winter School

"Wordsworth and Coleridge Re-invent Themselves?
Poetry and Prose after 1814"

Tuesday 23 February

William Christie (Canberra) on Biographia Literaria
Stephen Gill (Oxford) on Wordsworth 1815-20

Wednesday 24 February

David Chandler (Doshisha University) on Wordsworth's 1815 'system'
Joanna Taylor (Lancaster) on Christabels in and after 1816

Thursday 25 February

Frederick Burwick (UCLA) on Kubla Khan 1816
                                  Deborah Pfuntner (Texas A&M) on Dorothy Wordsworth's later poetry                                               Anthony Harding (Saskatchewan) on Wordsworth and Nation 

Friday 26 February

Richard Gravil (The Foundation) on Tone
Peter Dale (Musicologist) on Lyrical Ballads and Ballad Lyrics

Excursions to Brantwood & Ulverston
Walks including Nab Scar, & Helm Crag


The 2015 Winter School
Wordsworth v. Buonaparte

or, The Romantics at Waterloo

Tuesday 17 February

Stephen Gill (Oxford) on Wordsworth and the 1790s in The Prelude
Paul Betz (Georgetown) and John Williams (Greenwich) on Benjamin, the Waggoner

Wednesday 18 February

David Chandler (Doshisha University) on Southey's Pilgrimage to Waterloo
Oliver Clarkson (Durham) on Wordsworth's 'Fourteeners'

Thursday 19 February

Christopher Simons (ICU Tokyo) on Militant Wordsworth & the Convention of Cintra
Jo Taylor (Keele) on Coleridge v. Napoleon
Peter Dale (Musicologist) on Wordsworth & Beethoven

Friday 20 February

Richard Gravil (The Foundation) on Wordsworth's 'Thanksgiving Ode'
Cecilia Powell (Art Historian) on The Field of Waterloo: Turner's Guernica 

Excursions to Honister & Ulverston
Walks including Wansfell and Heron Pike



 The 2014 Winter School

"The Essential Wordsworth"

Tuesday 18 February 

Oliver Clarkson (Durham) on 'The Ruined Cottage'
David Chandler (Doshisha University) on Wordsworth's Realism

Wednesday 19 February

Matthew Ward (St Andrews) on Poet of Nature
Frederick Burwick (UCLA) on Wordsworth's Grand Paradox

Thursday 20 February

Claire Lamont (Newcastle) on The Child in Wordsworth's Poems
Gregory Leadbetter (BCU) on 'Moods of My Own Mind' & 'Resolution & Independence'

Friday 21 February

Richard Gravil (The Foundation) on 'Intimations' (and The Excursion) in America
Pamela Woof (The Trust) on Elegiac Wordsworth 

Saturday 22 February
(The Jonathan Wordsworth Memorial Lecture at the Jerwood Centre)

Stephen Gill (Oxford) on Wordsworth, Shepherds and 'an almost visionary mountain republic'

Excursions to Blackwell and Cartmel
Walks including Loughrigg Fell and High Rigg