WSC 2018 Postal Registration Form

Please print this page, complete the personal information, tick where applicable in the right hand column, and mail it to
the Conference Administrator:

Conference Administrator: Carrie Taylor, The Barn, Pavement End, Red Bank Road, Grasmere, Cumbria LA22 9PT.

 Carrie's contact on e-mail:

† Prices and details for 2018 will be found on the WSC Tariff Page





Postal Address of person booking:


 Email address(es)




 Please add my/our contact details to the conference address list


 I/we will attend on a non-resident basis


 Please book me/us a room with a front view / a standard room (circle as applicable)


 I am willing to share a twin room (most people who do this find they enjoy it)


 Please book me a place at the Youth Centre: 2-sharing / 5-sharing (circle as applicable


 The above accommodation is for Part 1 (the 5 nights of 8 to 12 August)


 The above accommodation is for Part 2 (the 5 nights of 13 to 17 August )


 The above accommodation is for Parts 1 and 2 (the 10  nights of 8 to 17 August)


 I enclose my one part fee of £175 per person in sterling


 I enclose my full conference fee of £250 per person in sterling


 I have paid my registration fee by Google Checkout


I accept responsibility for any cancellation charges as a result of late or non-arrival 


I accept the conference terms and conditions (available at the foot of this page) 


Dietary Requirements:  






Cheques payable to 'Wordsworth Conference Foundation'. Please use the Paypal Buttons below to make secure payment of the appropriate fee (plus Paypal transaction charges) for One Part or Both Parts of the Conference.
All rooms must be booked for 5 or 10 nights.
Invoices for accommodation will be issued by email and are payable by 1 May 2018.

Members and Friends entitled to a discount but choosing to pay the fee by Paypal will have their discount deducted from their accommodation invoice. The standard registration fee is treated as a deposit.

For accommodation queries please contact:

Conference Registration

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